Weekly Reading: 7 August thru 13 August 2017

Weekly Reading: 7 August thru 13 August 2017

This reading uses the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

(Process: I don’t “choose” the cards for these readings, I simply shuffle until I get a “jumper card” – a card that “jumps” out of the deck during the shuffle. I’ve found that this method provides the opportunity for the universe to choose the card(s) without interference from me. If more than 2 cards volunteer, they’re shuffled back into the deck until I get a maximum of 2 for the position I’m drawing for.)

Note: The combined energies and messages of all the cards in the reading are active for the full week, with the energy of the card drawn for specific days being more dominant on those particular days.

This week starts with a bang, with a lunar eclipse on Monday dredging up old emotions and events that we haven’t fully resolved, and the 8-8 Lion’s Gate coming up on Tuesday. We’ve also been having a lot of “spikes” in the Schumann resonance over the last several weeks, with a major one over this past weekend. In addition, Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, strengthening the focus on re-doing, re-thinking, re-visiting, etc, etc. With all the intense energies flowing in, the energy of the reading this week feels very tranquil and accepting, a reminder that fighting our emotions or blaming ourselves for the way we feel only makes things worse.

Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Monday/Tuesday: Ten of Mirrors (Peace)

The Ten of Mirrors tells us to just let things be as they are. Feel the emotions without judgement. “Good” emotions are only the ones that the people around us are comfortable with, and “bad” emotions are just those that the people around us teach us to deny and repress so that they don’t have to deal with our pain. Emotions are only information, part of our guidance system. Just like the reflex that causes us to snatch our hand back from a hot stove, emotions that feel uncomfortable are a warning that there’s something we need to pay attention to, something that could cause us damage if we ignore it.





Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Wednesday/Thursday: The Weaver (Diplomatic and Tranquil)

The Weaver shows up mid-week to help us process and resolve any old “stuff” that the lunar eclipse on Monday dredged up for us to deal with. Her tranquility helps us to maintain our balance through the emotional ups and downs, and “borrowing” her diplomacy can help us prevent arguments caused by any irritability or discomfort surrounding those old emotions and events. The damage has already been caused, and fighting about something that happened in the past and can’t be changed will only make that damage worse.





Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Five of Stones (Desolation)

Although the keyword for the Five of Stones is desolation, the feeling is more of catharsis and healing the emotional wounds brought forward by the eclipse. Even though allowing the emotions to spew over the people in your life is counter-productive; they do need to be expressed in some way before they can be released, resolved, and healed. Whether that expression is through art, writing/journaling, or talking to someone who is neutral and uninvolved; or even in simply telling yourself, “yes, that situation made me angry, and that’s okay. It’s over now, and I don’t have to carry this anger around and let it make me feel bad any more;” the only way to be free of it is to face it.



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