Weekly Reading: 4 September thru 10 September 2017

Weekly Reading: 4 September thru 10 September 2017

This reading uses the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

(Process: I don’t “choose” the cards for these readings, I simply shuffle until I get a “jumper card” – a card that “jumps” out of the deck during the shuffle. I’ve found that this method provides the opportunity for the universe to choose the card(s) without interference from me. If more than 2 cards volunteer, they’re shuffled back into the deck until I get a maximum of 2 for the position I’m drawing for.)

Note: The combined energies and messages of all the cards in the reading are active for the full week, with the energy of the card drawn for specific days being more dominant on those particular days.

Rabbit appears in every card this week, and every card presented itself almost immediately when I began shuffling. Rabbit’s message is, “Pour your energy into creative pursuits,” and like rabbit energy, the energy of the week feels creative, abundant and perhaps a bit unfocused – it is up to us to focus that energy and use it in the way that serves us best.


Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Monday/Tuesday: The Poet (Intellectual and Logical)

The Poet leapt from the deck this week to tell us to express ourselves. Though not all of us are able to write poetry, we ARE all capable of writing down our thoughts and feelings as journal entries, stories or notes to ourselves. Writing things down helps us to focus, to see connections that aren’t necessarily obvious when things are just this mass of thoughts and feelings floating about in our minds and hearts, and to see where those thoughts and feelings may not match up with what we’re actually experiencing in the moment.






Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Wednesday/Thursday: Lovers (Unity and Oneness)

Although many see Lovers as exclusively related to romantic relationships and falling in love, it is even more powerfully related to our connections with ourselves and finding a balance between all the seemingly unrelated and downright contradictory ideas and beliefs we hold. It also expresses our need to reconcile and integrate all of the aspects of our selves, even those that seem diametrically opposed to each other – light and dark, male and female, even though they sometimes seem to be complete opposites, one cannot exist without the other. Without light, how would we recognize dark? In this particular position, between the other two cards of this week’s reading; it also provides a “bridge,” a connection between those cards. The small henge on the roots of the tree of life predicts the appearance of the henge in the Eight of Stones at the end of the week, while the reappearance of rabbit echoes the message of the Poet that it is a time for us to be focusing on our creativity.



Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Eight of Stones (Ingenuity)

Rabbit makes one final appearance this week, this time as a pictogram in the Eight of Stones. How creative and ingenious did the people in the stone age have to be to figure out how to move gigantic stone megaliths around using only the power of their muscles and the tools they had available at the time, when even with all our technology we can’t figure out how to do it? This card suggests that exciting new opportunities are on the horizon for us, and rabbit reminds us that we do have the inner tools we need to take advantage of those opportunities, we just need to nurture and develop them.




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