Weekly Reading: 3 July 2017 thru 9 July 2017

Weekly Reading: 3 July 2017 thru 9 July 2017

This reading uses the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

(Process: I don’t “choose” the cards for these readings, I simply shuffle until I get a “jumper card” – a card that “jumps” out of the deck during the shuffle. I’ve found that this method provides the opportunity for the universe to choose the card(s) without interference from me. If more than 2 cards volunteer, they’re shuffled back into the deck until I get a maximum of 2 for the position I’m drawing for.)

The energy of this week feels very peaceful and reflective. The beginning of the week is a finishing up of the work we were doing last week, and the middle and end of the week bring in our rewards for a job well done. The idea that this week’s energies are very much a continuation of our work from last week is reinforced by the fact that both the Four of Mirrors and the Six of Stones also appeared in last week’s reading, even though I’ve done several readings with this deck in between.

Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra


Monday/Tuesday: Seven of Stones (Regret)

Last week’s healing work has left a vague residue of regret connected to some of the things we’ve done, or left undone, in the past. The Seven of Stones is a reminder that we can’t go back and change the past, and the final stage of healing is releasing those regrets and moving on with our lives. Meditation can help with that process, allowing us to determine if there is anything we can do now to make amends, and allowing us to come to terms with what can’t be changed.





Card Images: Copyright Holly Sierra

Wednesday/Thursday: Four of Mirrors/Ten of Mirrors (Detachment/Peace)

This combination of cards says that detaching from our need to make ourselves suffer through hanging on to guilt and regret is the path to the peace and contentment offered by the Ten of Mirrors, one of the most positive cards in the Chrysalis Tarot. Sit back, relax, and allow the mirrors to reflect the things you want into your life, and remember, if you don’t like the reflection you see, shift the angle of the mirror so that it reflects something you like better.




Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra


Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Six of Stones (Caritas)

The keyword for the Six of Stones is “caritas,” which is defined as “love for all.” In this particular case, the feeling is that it is meant as an “unconditional love for all beings,” including yourself. Spend some time this weekend taking care of yourself – a little pampering can go a long way towards bringing you back into physical and emotional balance.

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