Weekly Reading: 26 June 2017 thru 2 July 2017

Weekly Reading: 26 June 2017 thru 2 July 2017

This reading uses the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.
(Process: I don’t “choose” the cards for these readings, I simply shuffle until I get a “jumper card” – a card that “jumps” out of the deck during the shuffle. I’ve found that this method provides the opportunity for the universe to choose the card(s) without interference from me. If more than 2 cards volunteer, they’re shuffled back into the deck until I get a maximum of 2 for the position I’m drawing for.)

This week’s reading is very much about self-examination, self-awareness, and healing; and the energies of the week feel very reflective and quiet. Bracketed by two cards about different kinds of detachment, the central cards about love and healing promise that any internal work we do will be productive.

Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Monday/Tuesday: Four of Mirrors (Detachment)

The emotional detachment symbolized by the Four of Mirrors can be either healthy or unhealthy, depending on the circumstances, and this card suggests a need to take a look at where and why you’re emotionally detached. Are you using emotional detachment in a healthy and empowering way, to step away from unhealthy relationships, to maintain your boundaries, or to protect yourself from absorbing the negative energies of people around you? Or are you using emotional detachment to avoid pain and fear and/or keep from having to make difficult decisions or have difficult conversations? This kind of emotional isolation causes more problems than it solves, since avoiding the difficult and painful issues in our lives and relationships doesn’t make them go away, it only prevents us from being able to resolve them and pushes away the people we love.




Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Wednesday/Thursday: Six of Stones/Eight of Mirrors (Caritas/Selfless)

The keyword for the Six of Stones is “caritas,” which is defined as “love for all.” In this particular case, the feeling is that it is meant as an “unconditional love for all beings,” including yourself. Celtic Vates (or Ovates) were prophets, seers, healers, and diviners. On the Eight of Mirrors he suggests the inner journey to self-awareness and healing – combined with the Six of Stones there is a sense of that self-awareness and healing leading to an enhanced ability to love unconditionally.




Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Bella Rosa (Detachment)

Bella Rosa presents us with another form of detachment, one that is less about emotional disconnection and more about letting go of our attachment to the masks we hide our real selves behind. These masks are not only the pretenses we use to hide the parts of ourselves we find “unacceptable,” but also the material belongings we hide behind to make ourselves seem “just like everyone else” and to make ourselves “fit in” with the crowd. She (or he) is about self-acceptance, and the courage to be our authentic selves. The red rose she carries is symbolic of unconditional love, courage and respect; and suggests not only the courage to be our authentic, flawed selves, but the courage to give ourselves the unconditional love and respect we deserve for the obstacles we’ve overcome.





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