Weekly Reading: 14 August thru 20 August 2017

Weekly Reading: 14 August thru 20 August 2017

This reading uses the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

(Process: I don’t “choose” the cards for these readings, I simply shuffle until I get a “jumper card” – a card that “jumps” out of the deck during the shuffle. I’ve found that this method provides the opportunity for the universe to choose the card(s) without interference from me. If more than 2 cards volunteer, they’re shuffled back into the deck until I get a maximum of 2 for the position I’m drawing for.)

Note: The combined energies and messages of all the cards in the reading are active for the full week, with the energy of the card drawn for specific days being more dominant on those particular days.

This week’s energies are very active and encouraging, although with Mercury retrograde beginning, that activity needs to be focused more on re-thinking, replacing, and resolving the negative beliefs that hold us back, on reinforcing our own self-worth, on researching and planning the steps to be taken after the retrograde is complete, and on re-visiting the things we’ve already started but have been neglecting and ignoring.

Card Images: Copyright Holly Sierra

Monday/Tuesday: The Corsair/Herne the Hunter (Independent and Strong-willed/Focus and Divine Assistance)

The Corsair symbolizes a longing for freedom and escape – escape from the rigid boxes that society creates for us, escape from the humdrum repetition of the daily 9 to 5 grind and the struggle to survive, and escape from the programming and judgement that tells us “this is how to live, and if you aren’t doing it just like everyone else, if you dare to step outside the boundaries we’ve set for you; you aren’t just wrong, you’re crazy and dangerous.” Herne the Hunter reassures us that escape is not just possible, but easier than we think if we focus and keep moving in the direction of freedom. He reminds us that things are changing, and that no matter how scary and uncomfortable change may seem to us; it is a necessary, no, a VITAL part of life. In fact, without change and growth, there is no life at all . . .If you’ve been considering making a change in your life, this combination of cards is a clear indication that the answer is, “YES! Go for it,” and a promise of help and support from your guides and guardians while you do.


Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Wednesday/Thursday: Eight of Scrolls (Illusion)

The sense of the Eight of Scrolls this week is that it’s time to replace your worry and the illusions of, “I can’t,” “it’s not okay, *I’m* not okay,” and “what I want is unacceptable, impossible;” with the truth that you not only CAN make the changes that you want, but that you DESERVE that better life you’ve been dreaming of and wishing for. Our seer is reading her scrolls for you, and finding only encouragement and success; as long as you’re willing to face your fears and self-doubts and do it anyway. She says that it may not be an easy process, but you can be successful.





Card Image: Copyright Holly Sierra

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Ace of Scrolls (Intuition and Clarity)

Our trickster friend Raven turns up yet again, bringing the energy of new beginnings, new discoveries, new possibilities, and new opportunities into our lives. With Mercury retrograding, this isn’t a time to start something completely new (unless it’s absolutely necessary,) but it IS a perfect time to do the necessary research and start finding the resources we need so that we’re ready to start moving forward with Mercury when our messenger returns to forward movement on Sept 5th.






It’s time for you to make changes within yourself. Embrace your true potential and become who you really are.

Pay attention to your communications skills today. Make sure that your words are clear and with positive intention.  – Parrot



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